Cape Coast Castle, Gold Coast, 1682


James Walvin, Slavery and the Slave Trade (Univ. Press of Mississippi, 1983), p. 30; original source not identified.


Caption along top: Cape Coast Castle, on ye Gold Coast of Guinea. This seems to be one of several variations of an engraving made by Henry Greenhill in 1682; a copy is in the British Library. See P.E.H. Hair, Adam Jones, and Robin Law, Barbot on Guinea [1678-1712] (London, 1992), vol. 2, after p. 392 and associated text. In the 1690s, an account of the Royal African Company's forts in West Africa, reported that among the facilities at Cape Coast Castle were repositories to contain one thousand Negroes, and vaults for rum, work-houses for smiths, armourers, and carpenters; seventy four great guns, . . . pinnaces and cannoes attending the castle and garrison . . . . gardens and grounds producing all necessaries for the factories and shipping . . . also ponds of fresh water (A Particular of the Royal African Company's Forts and Castles in Africa [London, ca. 1698]). See also image D007.

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