Cotton Production, French West Indies (?), 1762


Denis Diderot, Encyclopèdie, ou, Dictionnaire Raisonnè des Sciences, des Arts et des Metiers . . . Recueil de Planches, sur les Sciences . . . (Paris, 1762), vol. 1, fig. 1. (Copy in Special Collections Department, University of Virginia Library


Shows slaves working at various tasks in the production of cotton; the geographical area is not specified but presumably it is the French West Indies. Details on this illustration are given in Diderot, the section treating agriculture, p. 9. The same illustration was published in B. L. C. Wailes, Report on the Agriculture and Geology of Mississippi (Lippincott, Grambo, and Co. [Philadelphia], 1854, facing p. 141), without giving Diderot as the original source. The image, reversed, was also published in M. Chambon, Le commerce de l'Amèrique par Marseille (Avignon 1764) Vol. 2, plate VIII (top), after p. 6). A reversed version of this image also appears in Il Gazzettiere Americano (Livorno, 1763), vol. 2, facing p. 235, where the location is given as Martinique.

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