Black Caribs Sign Treaty with British Military, St. Vincent, West Indies, 1773


Bryan Edwards, The History . . . of the British Colonies in the West Indies (London, 1801), vol. 1, facing p. 529. (Copy in the John Carter Brown Library)


Caption in Edwards, Pacification with the Maroon Negroes; shows a group of men laying down their arms in front of British army officers. The place is not identified on the engraving, but because it was published in Edwards --who discusses the Jamaican Maroon wars at length-- this scene is often associated with 1739 and 1740 treaties signed between the British and Maroons in Jamaica. However, the original painting from which the engraving derives was done by Agostino Brunias and most probably depicts the end in 1773 of the First Carib War on St. Vincent, when a treaty was signed between the British and the Black Caribs, whose major chiefs are shown in the painting/engraving. The engraving has also been used to illustrate Maroon confrontations in Dominica and, as noted above, Jamaica. The catalog of the Nicholas M. Williams Collection (Boston College, 1932) holds a colored engraving of this image with the entry, Pacifications with the Maroon Negroes, by Scott from a painting by Agostino Brunyas. London, 1801. For background on Brunias and his romanticized paintings of West Indian scenes, see image NW0016. Compare images of Black Caribs shown here with those in image reference Bilby-4.


Brunias, Agostino

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