Retour d'une vente d'esclaves, à Rio-de-Janeiro


François-Auguste Biard, Deux Annèes au Brèsil (Paris, 1862), p. 99


"Trip back from a sale of slaves, in Rio-de-Janeiro" (caption translation). The slave owner, leading his horse while smoking a cigar and carrying an umbrella, heads a group of four adults and one child. One of the men carries household goods, including a clock and a musical instrument while the two women, one holding onto a child, are behind him. Bringing up the rear is a man (possibly enslaved) who appears to be guarding the newly-bought slaves. The material goods shown suggest that the auction was not only for the purchase of slaves but household items as well. Biard, a French painter, lived in Brazil for about two years, 1858-1860. His published account contains a number of images of slave life, several of which are included on this website. For a detailed study of Biard and his Brazilian sojourn, see Ana Lucia Araujo, Brazil through French Eyes: A Nineteenth-Century Artist in the Tropics (University of New Mexico Press, 2015).

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