Necklace, Newton Plantation Slave Cemetery, Barbados


This photograph shows various pieces of a necklace found on a skeleton. This unique archaeological find was a necklace composed of dog's teeth, money cowry shells, fish vertebrae, glass beads; and a large reddish-orange carnelian bead in the center. When excavated the exact pattern of the components of this necklace could be not be ascertained but all items were found on or near the area of the burial's neck. See images Newton001 and Newton005.


Jerome S. Handler, "An African-Type Healer/Diviner and his Grave Goods," International Journal of Historical Archaeology 1, 2 (1997): p. 91-130.

Date Created

Artifact dated from late-1600s to early-1700s




Image is in public domain courtesy of Jerome Handler. Metadata is available under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International.



Spatial Coverage

India; Cambay; British Caribbean; Barbados
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