Sale of Enslaved Africans and Transport to Slave Ship, mid-18th cent.


M.Chambon, Le Commerce de l'Amerique par Marseille (Avignon,1764), vol. 2, plate XI, facing p. 400 (Copy in the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University)


Caption, marche d'esclaves (slave market); engraving made from author's description. Scenes depicted (our translations), top,1) Negroes for sale in a public market; 2) Negro slave examined before being purchased; 3) an Englishman licking a Negro's chin to ascertain his age, and to determine from the taste of his sweat if he is sick; 4) Negro slave with the brand of slavery on his arm. Bottom: 5) slave ship lying in the harbor waiting for the trading to be completed; 6) chaloupe loaded with newly purchased slaves transporting them to the ship; 7) Negroes on shore wailing and crying at the sight of their loved ones and friends being sent away.

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