Ashford Plantation, Barbados, 1830s-1840s


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Caption, Ashford. the estate of Henry Hart Esq. Barbados; parish of St. John. Shows features typical of a Barbadian sugar plantation yard area in early period. This unique drawing was made by a teen-age girl between 1837 and 1845, several years after slave emancipation. However, the basic settlement pattern of the slave period is still quite evident. The drawing clearly shows major features of the plantation yard, including the mansion house (which still stands although modified over the years) windmill, boiling house, pond (from which slaves and livestock drew their water supplies), and located between the mansion house and pond, the houses of some of the laborers or ex-slaves. For more details on this drawing, see Jerome S. Handler and Frederick W. Lange, Plantation Slavery in Barbados: An Archaeological and Historical Investigation (Harvard Univ. Press, 1978), p. 297, note 3. A photograph of this drawing, with permission to reproduce, was graciously provided to Handler by Mrs. Mildred Hart Higgins, owner of the sketchbook which contains the drawing.

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