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New World Agriculture and Plantation Labor

Sugar Curing House, 1762Sugar Boiling House, Cuba, ca. 1850Tobacco Farm, Cuba, ca. 1850Sugar Mills, Suriname, ca. 1831Plantation Slaves Going to Work, Suriname, ca. 1831Bagging Cotton, Jamaica, 1808-1815Cutting Sugar Cane, Jamaica, 1808-1815Manioc (Cassava) Processing, Brazil, 19th cent.Cotton Harvest, U.S. South,1850sSugar Mill and Boiling House, Trinidad, 1836Sugar Boiling House, Trinidad, 1836Plantation Field Laborer with Tools, Trinidad, 1836Cotton Plantation,  U.S. South (?), mid- 19th cent.Working in Sugar Cane Fields, 19th cent.Cotton Cultivation, U.S. South, 1875Cotton Production, French West Indies (?), 1762 Tobacco Paper, Virginia, 17th centuryPorters Carrying Coffee, Brazil, 1826Slaves and Sugar Hogsheads, West Indies, 1780View of a Sugar Plantation, French West Indies, 1762Picking Cotton, Mississippi, 1881Sugar Boiling House, Antigua, West Indies, 1823Rum Distillery, Antigua, West Indies, 1823Curing House and Rum Distillery, Antigua, West Indies, 1823Husking Corn, U.S. South, 1861Cotton Gin, U.S. South, 1860sCotton Plantation, Alabama, 1867Harvesting Sugar Cane, Louisiana, 1853 Sugar Boiling House, Louisiana, 1853 Planting Cotton (?) Seeds, Surinam, 1805-07Tobacco Production, French West Indies, early 18th cent.Indigo Manufacture, French West Indies, 1760sIndigo Manufacture, French West Indies, 18th cent.Manioc Preparation, French West Indies, 18th cent. Cattle-Driven Sugar Mill, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1798Cultivation of Indigo, French West Indies, late 18th cent.Manioc (Cassava) Processing, Brazil, 1840sSugar Mill, Brazil, 1816Packing Sugar, Cuba, ca. 1866Sugar Making, Hispaniola, late 16th cent.Hauling and Shipping Cotton, Savannah, Georgia, 1871Hoeing and Planting Cotton Seeds, South Carolina, 1880Carrying Picked Cotton from the Fields, South Carolina, 1880Picking Cotton, South Carolina, 1880Separating White Cotton from Yellow (Long Staple), South Carolina, 1880Short Staple Cotton Press, South Carolina, 1880Cotton Packing or Pressing, South Carolina, 1880Stacking Wheat, Culpeper, Virginia, 1863Indigo Production, South Carolina, 1757Animal-Powered Sugar Mill, Martinique, 1835Sugar Boiling House/Refinery, Martinique, 1835Tobacco Production, Virginia, 1821Indigo Production, Saint Domingue (St. Domingue, Haiti), mid-18th cent. Sugar Plantation Mill Yard, Antigua, West Indies, 1823Indigo Production, French West Indies, 1667 Tobacco and Manioc/Cassava Preparation, French West Indies, 1667 Tobacco Planters and Slaves, Barbados, 17th cent.Tobacco Production, Virginia (?) late 18th cent.Tobacco Production, Virginia, 18th cent.Tobacco Label, 18th cent.Cultivating Tobacco, Virginia, 1798Shipping Tobacco, Virginia, ca. 1755Harvesting Coffee, Brazil, 1830sDigging Holes for Planting Sugar Cane, Antigua, West Indies, 1823Planting Sugar Cane, Antigua, West Indies, 1823Sugar Cane Cultivation, Trinidad, 1836Sugar Cane Harvest, Antigua, West Indies, 1823Sugar Cane Harvest, Jamaica, 1820sSugar Cane Harvest, Trinidad, 1836Sugar Mill, French West Indies, ca. 1700Sugar Works, French West Indies, 1667Sugar Works and Plantation, Pernambuco, Brazil, ca. 1640Sugar Works and Plantation, Pernambuco, Brazil, ca. 1640Sugar Production, Brazil, 1682Stream-Powered Sugar Mill, Cuba, 1859Sugar Boiling House, Antigua, West Indies, 1823Shipping Sugar, Antigua, West Indies, 1823George Washington with Slave Laborers Picking Cotton, U.S. South, 1873-74Picking Cotton, U.S. South, 1850sCarrying Cotton to the Gin, U.S. South, 1850sGinning Cotton, U.S. South, 1850sHauling Cotton Bales, U.S. South, 1850sRice Production on a Plantation near Savannah, Georgia, 1867Planting Rice, U.S. South, 1859Rice Harvesting, U.S. South, 1859Rice Threshing, U.S. South, 1866Planting Sweet Potatoes, Edisto Island, South Carolina, 1862Tobacco Production, Richmond, Virginia, 1870sTobacco Factory, Virginia. 1870sUnloading Rice Barges, South Carolina, 1870sSugar Cane Cultivation, British West Indies (Jamaica?), 1840sCarts with Hogsheads of Sugar, British West Indies, 1840sSugar Boiling House, British West Indies, 1840sVertical-Roller Sugar Mill, British West Indies, 1840sPlantation Slaves, Brazil, 1830sPlantation Mill Yard and Sugar Mill, Brazil, 1830sWeeding Rice Field, U.S. South, 19th cent.Coffee Plantation, Brazil, 19th cent. Field Gang at Work, Martinique, 1826Picking Cotton, Georgia, 1858 Cotton Gin, U.S. South, 1869Cotton Whipping Machine, U.S. South, 1869Portable Sugar Mill, Brazil,1816-1831Interior of Sugar Mill, Pernambuco, Brazil, early 1850sPlantation Driver, Jamaica, 1840s Sugar Works, French West Indies, 17th cent.Indigo Manufacture, French West Indies, 18th cent.Rice Planting, South Carolina, early 1890sManioc Preparation, French West Indies, 1665Sugar Mill with Vertical Rollers, French West Indies, 1665Horse- and Water-Powered Sugar Mills, French West Indies, 1762Interior of a Boiling House, French West Indies, 1762 Woman with Cutlass or Bill Hook, Peru, 1780s