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Slave Sales and Auctions: African Coast and the Americas

Advertisement for Slave Sale, New Orleans, May 13, 1835Slave Auction, Richmond, Virginia, 1861Slave Auction, Rio de Janeiro, 1858-1860A Slave Sale, Rio de Janeiro, 1858-1860Branding Slaves, 19th cent.Europeans Buying Enslaved Africans, 19th cent.Slave Auction, Richmond, Virginia, 1830sKidnapping a Free Person to Sell as a Slave, U.S. South, 1830sSale of Enslaved Africans and Transport to Slave Ship, mid-18th cent.Slave Market in West Africa, 1840Slave Market on the African Coast, early 18th cent.African Merchant Selling Slaves to a European, no dateSlave Barracoon, Sierra Leone, 1840sSlave Barracoon, Congo, 1880sEnslaved African in Barracoon, 1880sSlave Trading on African Coast, 19th cent.Slave Auction, U.S. South, mid-19th cent.Europeans Buying Enslaved Africans, ca. 1790Slave Auction, Christiansburg, Virginia, 1850sSlave Dealer, Alexandria, Virginia, 1863 or 1865Slave Market, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, early 1820sPoster Announcing Sale and Rental of Slaves, Saint Helena (South Atlantic), 1829Slave Market, French West Indies (?) early 19th cent.Europeans Purchasing an Enslaved Woman, late 18th centuryBranding an Enslaved Woman, 19th cent.Slave Auction, New York City/ New AmsterdamEnslaved Africans Landed at Jamestown, Virginia, 1619Slave Market, Pernambuco, Brazil, early 1820sLanding Slaves at a Brazilian Port, 1830sSlave Market, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1816-1831Sale of an Enslaved Woman and Her Children, Suriname, ca. 1831Slave Market, Brazil, 1830sMetal Branding Irons with OwnersBranding an Enslaved Woman, no dateAdvertisement for Sale of Slaves, Charleston, South Carolina, 1760Enslaved Africans Landed at American PortSlave Auction, New Orleans, 1839Slave Auction, U.S. South, 1861Slaves Taken to Lower South from Virginia, 1862Slave Market, Muscat (Oman), 1840sSlave Trading Station, Mozambique, 1850 Slaves Waiting for Sale, Richmond, Virginia, 1861Slave Auction, U.S. South, ca. 1840sCoffle of Enslaved, Washington, D.C., 1840sBuying Slaves, Havana, Cuba, 1837 Slave Market in Zanzibar, East Africa, 1873Slave Market, Zanzibar, 1864Europeans Purchasing an Enslaved Woman, 1793African Slave Trader, Angola, 1855Slave Sale, Richmond, Virginia, 1861Slaves Awaiting Sale, New Orleans, 1861Slave Coffle, Washington, D.C., ca. 1819Slave Auction, Richmond, Virginia, 1862Holding Pen or Cells for Slaves Awaiting Sale, Alexandria, Virginia, 1863Internal Slave Trade, Staunton, Virginia, 1853 Slave Coffle, Near Paris, Kentucky, 1850sSlave Coffle, Virginia, 1839Newly Arrived Enslaved Africans, Surinam, 1770sSlave Auction, Richmond, Virginia, 1853Slave Auction, Charleston, South Carolina, 1853Slaves Waiting to be Sold, Richmond, Virginia, 1853Newly Enslaved Africans, Brazil, 1830sInternal Slave Trade, Brazil, 1830sNotice of Slave Auction, Richmond, Virginia, 1823Slave Auction, Martinique, 1826Advertisements for Slave Sale and Return of Fugitives, Georgia, 1774Advertisement for Slave Sale, 18th cent.Advertisement of Slave Dealer, Charleston, South Carolina, 1835Internal Slave Trade, U.S., ca. 1830Advertisement for Slave Sale, Georgia, 1860Slave Yard at Goree, Senegal, 1805Advertisement for Sale of Newly Arrived Africans, Charleston, July 24, 1769Examining a Slave for Sale, Virginia, 1830Slave Market, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1819-1820Recently Arrived Enslaved Africans, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1819-1820