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Capture of Slaves and Coffles in Africa

Slave Coffle, Western Sudan, 1879-81Captive Africans Transported by Canoe, Congo, 1880sSlave Coffle, Central Africa, 1866Slave Coffle, East Africa, 1891Household or Domestic Slaves, East Africa, 1860sSlave Coffle, 19th cent.Slave Coffle, 19th cent.Slave Coffle, Central Africa, 1861Arab Slavers Attacking Village, 1880sSlave Coffle, Central Africa, 1880s  Arab Slavers Feeding Captives, Central Africa, 1880s  Enslaved African, East Africa, 1874   Slave Coffle, Central Africa, 1875Africans Captured near the Coast, late 18th cent.Slave Coffle, East Africa, 1873Slave Coffle, Dahomey, 1850Forked Stick Used on Captured Africans, 1860sMoslem Slave Raid on a Village, Central Africa, early 1880s
Securing Enslaved Captives, Congo, 1880sCapturing Slaves, Northern Nigeria, 1850sSlave Coffle, East Africa, Upper Nile region, 1840sA Slave Coffle at Rest, East Africa, Upper Nile Region, 1840sEnslaved Ethnic Groups, East Africa, Upper Nile Region, 1840sEnslaved Africans in a Coffle, Eastern Sudan, 1848Slave Coffle, East Africa, 1880sSlave Coffle, Central Africa, 1874Iron Collar and Chains Used by Slave Traders, early 19th cent. Arab Slavers Attacking Village, East Africa, 1871Abandoned Slaves, Central Africa, 1866Capture and Coffle of Enslaved Africans, Angola, 1786-87Wooden Yokes Used in Coffles, Senegal, ca. 1789Wooden Yokes Used in Coffles, Senegal, ca. 1789Captured Africans Taken to the Coast (either Nigeria, 1853 or Liberia/Sierra Leone, 1840)Slave Coffle, Senegambia, early 19th cent.Village of Liberated Africans, Gambia, 1835Slave Coffle, Sierra Leone, 1793Enslaved Africans Sold to French, 1858Arab Slave Traders and Captured Africans, Sudan,  1870-71Enslaved Female, Eastern Sudan, 1871Enchained Captured Africans, Sierra Leone, 1805Wooden Yoke Used in Coffle, East Africa, 1882Mandingo Slave Traders and Coffle, Senegal, 1780sCaptured Africans and their Captors, Northwestern Nigeria, 1860