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Portraits and Illustrations of Individuals

People of Northern Nigeria and Chad, 1820s Mahommah G. Baquaqua, 1854Gold Coast Men and Women, 17th cent.Creole Men and Women, Jamaica, 1838Two Women with Head-Ties, Jamaica, 1808-1815Portrait of John Brown, 1855Joseph Cinque, 1839-40Joseph Cinque (Cinquez), 1839Joseph Cinque (Cinquez), 1840Joseph Cinque, 1840William Unsah Sessarakoo and Job ben Solomon, 1750Elderly Female Household Servant, Virginia, early 1850sEmancipated Slaves, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1864Princess Madia, Enslaved African from the Congo, 1860Jim Williams, a Union Soldier, 1863Abraham, a Confederate Soldier, 1863Fugitive Slave in Union Army, U.S. South, 1864Olaudah Equiano or Ottobah Cugoano, late 18th cent.Omar Ibn Said (Sayyid), mid-19th cent.Abdul Rahman (Rahaman), 1828Job Ben Solomon (Ayuba Suleiman Diallo), 1750Elizabeth Freeman (a.k.a. Mumbat, Mum Bet), 1811Phillis Wheatley, ca. 1773Enslaved Females, Brazil, 1816-1831William Unsah Sessarakoo, ca. 1749Yarrow Mamout, 1819Olaudah Equiano/Gustavas Vassa, 1789Olaudah Equiano/Gustavas Vassa, 1791Enslaved Men, Brazil,1816-1831 Ellen Kraft, a Fugitive Slave, 1851 Portrait of Rita, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1820-24Toussaint Louverture, Saint Domingue (Haiti), 1802Toussaint Louverture, Saint Domingue (St. Domingue, Haiti), 1800Toussaint Louverture, Saint Domingue  (Haiti)A French General and a Black Officer (Toussaint Louverture?), Saint Domingue ( Haiti), 1806John Gordon, Antigua (British West indies), 1820sJob ben Solomon, 1750Henry Bibb, U.S. South, ca. 1849Toussaint Louverture, Saint Domingue (Haiti), ca. 1800Yarrow Mamout, 1822Dred Scott, ca. 1857Peter Williams, ca. 1810-15Alice, an enslaved woman, ca. 1802Portrait of an Enslaved Haitian Woman,  1786A Female House Servant, New Orleans, ca. 1840Free Woman of Color, New Orleans, 1844Man Smoking a Pipe, ca. 1800-1825Rachel Pringle, Barbados, 1796Anthony Burns, a fugitive slave from Virginia, 1855Robert Smalls, 1862Toussaint Louverture and General Thomas Maitland, Saint Domingue (Haiti), 1790sJean-Baptiste Belley, Saint Domingue (Haiti), 1797 or 1798Henry Christophe, King of Haiti, 1818Frederick Douglass, American abolitionist, ca. 1865"Uncle Tom" Brown, Windsor Plantation, Alabama, 1915"Aunt Lucy," Hermitage Plantation, Alabama, 1915Druella Jones or "Aunt Jonas," Alabama, 1915 Murriah Flood, Alabama, 1915 Jim Lawson ("Uncle Jim),"  Windsor Plantation, Alabama, 1915"Aunt Phebe" Collins, Windsor Plantation, Alabama, 1915  "Uncle Dick,"  Windsor Plantation, Alabama, 1915Medicine Man/Doctor, Surinam, 1770sSlaves from Central Africa, Brazil, 1830sAfrican-Born Slaves, Brazil, 1830sBrazilian Slaves from Mozambique, 1830sBrazilian Slaves from Central Africa, 1830sBlack Creoles, Brazil, 1830sSugar Cane Worker, Cuba, 1853Aunt Sally, 1858Maria, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, ca. 1742Cornelius, Danish Virgin Islands, mid-18th centuryChristian Protten, ca. 1737Christian and Rebecca Protten, ca. 1751William Ansah [Unsah] Sessarakoo, 1750Toussaint L