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Physical Punishment, Rebellion, Running Away

A Fugitive Slave, Suriname, ca. 1831Bush Negroes (Maroons), Suriname, ca. 1831Bush Negroes (Maroons), Suriname, ca. 1831 A Bush Negro (Maroon) Elder, Suriname, ca. 1831 A Bush Negro (Maroon) Chief, Suriname, ca. 1831Black Caribs, St. Vincent, 1773Punishment in Stocks, Trinidad, 1836Metal Face Mask and Collar Punishments, Trinidad,  1836Executed Slaves, Demerara (British Guiana), 1823Chasing a Fugitive Slave, 1840sMetal Face Mask, Brazil, 1820sJoseph Cinque (Cinquez) on Board the Amistad, 1839Revolt Aboard Amistad, 1839Punishment of Slaves, Madagascar, 1850sCollar and Chain to Prevent Escape, Brazil, 1846Metal Face Mask, Brazil, 1846Blacks Being Beaten by a Spaniard, Peru, 1600-1615An African Slave Flogs a Peruvian Indian, Peru, 1600-1615Spaniards Beating African Slaves, Peru, 1600-1615An African Slave Flogs a Peruvian Indian, Peru, 1600-1615Fugitive Slaves, U.S. South, 1864Hanging a Slave, South Carolina, 1865Effects of Punishment by Burning, Richmond, Virginia, 1866Whipping Slaves, Cuba, 1868Results of Severe Whipping, 1863Iron Collar on Fugitive Slave, Missouri, 1862Whipping of a Fugitive Slave, French West Indies, 1840sRetreat of British Military during Slave Insurrection, Demerara (British Guiana), 1823Execution of Participants in Slave Insurrection, Demerara (British Guiana), 1823Whites Threaten a Black Servant, Hispaniola,1809 Slave Revolt, Jamaica, 1759Slave Revolt, Saint Domingue (St. Domingue, Haiti), 1790s-1804  Whipping an Enslaved Male, Serro Frio, Brazil, ca. 1770sPunishments for Runaways, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1850sLeonard Parkinson, Maroon Leader, Jamaica, 1796Training Bloodhounds, Saint Domingue (St. Domingue, Haiti), ca. 1800Physical Punishment of Slaves, Hispaniola, late 16th cent.Slave Revolt, Saint Domingue (Haiti), 1793Whipping a Slave, Virginia, 19th cent. Fugitive Slave with Face Mask, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1846Trelawney Town, Jamaica, 1790sFugitive Slaves, U.S. South, 1861Whipping a Slave, Virginia, 1850sHanging a Slave, South Carolina, 1850sWhip Used on Slaves, BarbadosAccount of a Slave Plot in Barbados, 1692Fugitive Slave Advertisement, New York, 1763Fugitive Slave Advertisement, New York, 1766Thomas Jefferson, Fugitive Slave Advertisement, Virginia, 1769Iron Mask and Collar for Punishing Slaves, Brazil, 1817-1818Iron Mask, Neck Collar, Leg Shackles, and Spurs, 18th cent.Fugitive Slave Advertisement, Missouri, 1860Punishment in Stocks, Trinidad,  1836Treadmill, Jamaica, 1837Escaping Slavery, U.S. South, 1850sFugitive Slaves and Bloodhounds, U.S. South, 1850sFugitive Slave Trapped, U.S. South, 19th cent.Fugitive Slave Attacked by Dogs, 19th cent. (?)Public Whipping of Enslaved Man, Brazil, 1820-24Public Whipping of a Slave, Brazil, 1830sWhipping a Slave, Brazil, 1825-26 Whipping a Slave, Surinam, 1770s"Breaking on the Rack" Punishment, Surinam, 1770sHanging by the Ribs Punishment, Surinam, 1770sWhipping a Slave, Brazil, 1816-1831Public Whipping a Slave, Brazil,1816-1831Punishment in Stocks, Brazil,1816-1831Iron Collars as Punishment for Fugitive Slaves, Brazil, 1816-1831Punishment for Fugitive Slaves, 17th cent.Whipping Slaves, Missouri, 1856Punishment of Female Slave, Surinam, 1770sArmed Maroon, Surinam, 1770sBattle During Slave Revolt, Saint Domingue (St. Domingue, Haiti), 1802Revenge Against French Soldiers, Saint Domingue (Haiti), 1805Fugitive Slaves from Maryland,1850s Whipping a Slave, Delaware, 1858Fugitive Slaves from Norfolk, Virginia, July 1856Punishment of Slaves, Brazil, 1830sAdvertisement for Fugitive Slave, Maryland, 19th cent.Advertisement for Fugitive Slave, Maryland, 1857Capture of a Runaway Slave, Brasil, 1826 Handbill Offering Reward for Fugitive Slaves, St. Louis, 1847Paddling a Slave, U.S. South, 1845Slave Rebellion, Jamaica, 1832Metal Collar to Prevent Running Away, South Carolina, 1830sCotton Machine Used for Punishing Runaways, South Carolina, 1830sJail Prisoners, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1819-1820