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Music, Dance, and Recreational Activities

Three Kings Day Festival, Havana, Cuba, ca. 1850John Canoe (Jonkonnu, JonKanoo) Dancers, Jamaica, 1838John Canoe (Jonkonnu, JonKanoo) Dancers, Jamaica, 1837John Canoe (Jonkonnu, JonKanoo) Costume, Jamaica, 1838John Canoe (Jonkonnu, JonKanoo) Costume, Jamaica, 1837John Canoe (Jonkonnu, JonKanoo) Costume, Jamaica, 1837John Canoe (Jonkonnu, JonKanoo) Costume, Jamaica, 1838Musical Band in John Canoe (Jonkonnu, JonKanoo) Festival, Jamaica, 1837Dance Teacher and His Pupils, Paramaribo, Suriname, ca. 1831Playing Billiards, Paramaribo, Suriname, ca. 1831Slave Festival and Musical Instruments, Suriname, ca. 1831Women Conversing in Creole Language, Suriname, ca. 1831Slaves Conversing, Paramaribo, Suriname, ca. 1831Female Clothing Styles at a Festival, Suriname, ca. 1831Stick Fighting, Dominica, West Indies, ca. 1779Dance, St. Vincent, West Indies, ca. 1775Dance Steps and Movements, Trinidad, 1836Slave Festival, St. Vincent, West Indies,  1770sMusical Group, Brazil, 1846Cock Fight, North Carolina, 1857Slave Dance, Cuba, 1859Dance, U. S. South, 1861Man with a Banjo, U.S. South, 1859 Festival, Havana, Cuba, 1847 Afro-Brazilian Dance, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1820-24Capoeira Scene, Brazil, 1820-24Festival of Our Lady of the Rosary, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, ca. 1770sFestival of the King, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, ca. 1770sDance or Festival, Havana, Cuba, ca. 1866Festival, South Carolina, 1852Group Singing, Virginia, 1840s Musical Instruments, Surinam, 1770sDance or Ball, White Sulfur Springs, Virginia, 1838An African Work Song, Barbados, ca. 1770s-1780sEnslaved Musicians and Dancers, Barbados, 1807-08Dance, Dominica, West Indies, 1770sStick Fighting, Dominica, West Indies, 1779 Plantation Dance, South Carolina, ca. 1785-1795Akan Drum, Gold Coast, early 18th cent.Musical Instruments, Brazil, 17th cent.Dance, Lynchburg, Virginia, 1853Dance at Plantation, Trinidad, 1836Batuca [Batucada] Dance, Brazil, 1830sCapoeira Dance, Brazil, 1830sFestival of Our Lady of the Rosary, Minas Gerais, Brazil, 1830s Dance, Saint Domingue, late 18th cent.Stick Fighting, Saint Domingue, late 18th cent.Divination Ceremony and Dance, Brazil, 1630s Recreational Activities, U.S. South, ca. 1840sCarnival, Brazil,1816-1831Slave Song, Jamaica, 1687-1688Stringed Musical Instruments, Jamaica, 1687-1688Batuca Dance, San Paulo, Brazil, 1817-1820Playing Musical Instruments at a Dance, Peru, 1780sMusical instruments, Marimba/Xylophone, Peru, 1780s