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Miscellaneous Occupations and Economic Activities

Tobacco Warehouse, Richmond, Virginia, 1865Bread and Fodder Sellers, Havana, Cuba, ca. 1850Selling Foodstuff, Havana, Cuba, ca. 1850Sponge Fishermen and Houses, Cuba, ca. 1850Turpentine Making, North Carolina, 1855Gold Mining, Brazil, 1850sChimney Sweeper, Jamaica, 1838Flower Seller, Jamaica, 1837A Street Cleaner, Paramaribo, Suriname, ca. 1831 Shopkeeper and Tailor, Paramaribo, Suriname, ca. 1831Shoemakers, Paramaribo, Suriname, ca. 1831Milkmaid and Milk Sellers, Suriname, ca. 1831Artisans and Hairdresser, Paramaribo, Suriname, ca. 1831 Plantation Boat, Suriname, ca. 1831Carters, Paramaribo, Suriname, ca. 1831Slaves Fishing, Pernambuco, Brazil, 1662 Loading Cotton on River Steamer, U.S. South, mid to late 19th cent.Spinning Wool and Pounding Corn, Virginia, ca. 1853Transporting Sugar Hogsheads by Boat, St. Vincent, West Indies, 1847Water Carriers, Brazil, 1820sAfrican Mule Driver, Peru, 1600-1615A Black Man and Indian Prostitute, Peru, 1600-1615 Carter with Ox Team, Jamaica, 1820-21 Washing Clothes, Santo Domingo, 1873Woman Sorting Castor Beans, Cuba, 1871 Hauling a Wagon, Brazil, 1821 Poling a Canoe, Brazil, 1821Water Carrier and Washerwoman, Brazil, 1821Seine Fishing, North Carolina, 1861Night Fishing, North Carolina, 1861Fish Processing, North Carolina, 1861Driving Cattle, Virginia, ca. 1853-54Hauling a Truck Wagon, Brazil, 1853Hauling a Loaded Truck, Brazil, 1853 Carrying a Cask, Brazil, 1853 Porters Carrying Coffee, Brazil, 1853 Porters Carrying Baskets of Coal, Brazil, 1853 Barber Shop, Richmond, Virginia, 1853Rowing a Tent Boat, Surinam, 1770Felling a Tree, Cayenne (French Guiana), 1763Flower Seller, Brazil, 1816-1831Porters with Hogshead, Brazil, 1816-1831  Tortoise Hunting/Fishing, French West Indies, 17th cent.Working in Silver Mines, Peru 1789Diamond Washing, Serro Frio, Brazil, ca. 1770sDiamond Mining, Brazil, ca. 1770sDiamond Mining, Serro Frio, Brazil, ca. 1770sWasherwoman with Her Child, Brazil, 1840sPorters with Sugar Hogshead, Brazil, 1840sCarters Transporting Goods, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1850sStreet Paving, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1850sAnnouncing a Tobacco Sale, Lynchburg, Virginia, 1873-74Transporting Tobacco to Market, near Richmond, Virginia, 1873-74Fishing Canoe, Brazil, 1816Coffee Sorters, Cuba, ca. 1866Loading Coal on a Steamer, St. Thomas, Danish West Indies, 1864Diamond Washing, Brazil, 1817-1820 Rural Scene, Serra do Caraca, Brazil, 1817-1820Mining, Hispaniola, late 16th cent.Corn Shucking, South Carolina, 1852Corn Shucking, Virginia, 1840sGold Mining, Panama, 1560s-1570sGold Smelting, Panama, 1560s-1570sPearl Fishing, Margarita Island, Venezuela, 1560s-1570sEmerald Mining, Colombia, 1560s-1570sPassenger Ferry, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1847Diamond Washing, Minas Gerais, Brazil, 1812 Bum Boat, Barbados, late 19th cent.Slaves Assisting a Surveyor, Barbados, 1722Carter with Team of Oxen, Bridgetown, Barbados, 1835Country Road, St. Croix, Danish West Indies, ca. 1863Barbers, Norfolk, Virginia, 1797Cutting Timber, Virginia,  1850sWater Carriers, Brazil, 1830sSawing Wood Planks, Brazil, 1816-1831Medical Practitioner/Doctor, Brasil,1816-1831Moving a Loaded Cart, Brazil, 1816-1831Traveling Barbers, Brazil,1816-1831Shoemaker and Assistants, Brazil,1816-1831Tent Boat or Plantation Barge, Suriname, 1770sPanning for Gold, Minas Gerais, Brazil, 1830sCassava (Manioc) processing, Brazil, 1830sBoatmen, Brazil, 1830sRiver Mining of Diamonds, Minas Gerais, Brazil, 1826Gold Production, Colombia, 1826  River Boat and Boatmen, Surinam, 1826River Transport, Magdalena River, Colombia, 1826 Hunters, Brazil,1816-1831Barber Shop, Brazil,1816-1831 Washerwomen, Brazil,1816-1831Gathering Firewood, Virginia, 1868Female Clothing and Hair Styles, San Paolo, Brazil, 1817-1820Tar/Pitch Manufacture, Peru, 1780sUrban Porters, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1819-1820Hawkers and Sawyers, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1819-1820Boating Activities, Curaçao, Dutch West Indies, ca. 1860Boats in Harbor, Curaçao, Dutch West Indies, ca. 1860