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Maps: Africa, New World, Slave Trade

Gambia River and Surrounding Area, 1732Gold Coast, 1729West Africa, 1743West Africa, 1754West Africa, late 17th cent.West and Central African Slaving RegionsAfrica, 1450-1865West Africa, 1450-1865Africa, Distribution of Ethnic GroupsAtlantic Ocean with Bordering Continental Areas, 1680Caribbean, 1662European Settlements in North America and Caribbean, 1733West and West Central Africa, 1662Western Africa, 1662West Central Africa, Congo and Angola, 1662Africa, ca. 1687-1690Gold Coast and Adjacent Regions, ca. 1730Cape Coast Castle, Ghana, 1999West Central Africa, Congo and Angola,  late 17th cent.West and West Central Africa, late 17th cent. Atlantic and Bordering Continental AreasMajor Slaving Regions of West AfricaCaribbean, 18th cent.Destinations of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1451-1870Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, South America, 1697Map, Atlantic Ocean, ca. 1794Map, Atlantic Ocean, 1815Africa, early 18th cent.Africa, late 18th cent.Atlantic Basin, 1720African Diaspora Map of Corisco Bay, Equatorial Guinea/Gabon, ca. 1840s-1850sMap, Bights of Benin and Biafra, Gulf of Guinea, 1840s-1850sMap of Senegal and Wolof Empire, 1780s