Free Woman of Color, Saint Domingue (St. Domingue, Haiti), late 18th cent.

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Image Reference

Nicolas Ponce, Recueil des vues des lieux principaux de la colonie Francaise de Saint-Domingue (Paris, 1791), fig. 25; from a painting by Agostino Brunias. (Copy in the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University)

Captioned, "Costumes des Affranchis et Des Esclaves des Colonies" (clothing worn by free people of color and slaves in the colonies), this shows a free woman of color buying vegetables or fruit from slave vendors. Engraving by Ponce for Moreau de Saint Mery, Loix et Constitution des Colonies Francais (Paris, 1784, 1790). This image is the same as that titled "The Barbados Mulatto Girl" in this collection (image NW0016), and is utlimately derived from a painting by Agostino Brunias. For biographical details on Brunias, see image NW0016.