Carrying a Sedan Chair (Palanquin), Brazil, 1821

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Image Reference

James Henderson, A History of the Brazil. . . (London, 1821), facing p. 336. (Copy in The Newberry Library, Chicago)

Caption, "A Brazilian sedan-chair and a person begging for the church"; white woman being carried by two liveried male servants; urban scene. The Brazilian scholar, Gilberto Freyre writes: "Within their hammocks and palanquins the gentry permitted themselves to be carried about by Negroes for whole days at a time, some of them travelling in this manner from one plantation to another, while others employed this mode of transport in the streets; when acquaintenances met, it was the custom to draw up alongside one another and hold a conversation" (The Masters and the Slaves [New York, 1956], pp. 409-410, 428).