Coachmen with Carriages, Havana, Cuba, 1855

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Image Reference

Album Pintoresco de la Isla de Cuba (Havana[?], 1851 [?]), plate 8 (copy in Special Collections, University of Virginia Library). The University of Miami copy is cataloged as Havana [ca. 1850]; other libraries give Havana, with various dates, e.g., 1851, 1853, 1855. See also comments.

Caption, "Puertas de Monserrate," shows the "Quitrin" (horse-drawn carriage) being driven by liveried coachmen. For a detailed description of the "Quitrin," see image LCP-15 on this website. The illustration shown here is based on, and is slightly different from, a picture by the same title by the French artist Frederic/Federico Mialhe, who lived in Cuba from 1838 to 1854 (See, Emilio Cueto, Mialhe's Colonial Cuba [Miami, The Historical Association of Southern Florida, 1994], for the same image and its date; the original lithograph by Mialhe was published in 1853 [ pp. 84, 86, 87].