Sugar Plantation, San José de la Angosta, Cuba, 1857

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Image Reference

Justo German Cantero, Los ingenios: coleccion de vistas de los principales ingenios de azucar de la Isla de Cuba (Havana, 1857); reprinted Barcelona, 1984, edited by Levi Marrero.

Shows central or yard area of the plantation with steam-driven sugar factory, main house, various outbuildings; houses of enslaved in upper right and people reaping cane and loading it into oxcarts in lower left. The accompanying text gives information on location, ownership, technical features of sugar production and similar data. The image shown here is from the 1984 reprint which only reproduces, on a smaller scale, 13 of the 28 colored lithographs found in the original 1857 edition; images in the latter can be viewed on the British Library website, "Images Online."