Plan of a Large Plantation, Cayenne (French Guiana), 1763

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Image Reference

Chevalier de Préfontaine, Maison rustique, a l'usage des habitans de la partie de la France équinoxiale, connue sous le nom de Cayenne (Paris, 1763), plate [planche] I. (Copy in the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University)

Titled, "Vue de l'Habitation du Sr. de Préfontaine, Située a Cayenne"; consists of a detailed plan of the layout of Préfontaine's very large plantation. Features on the plan are either named on the plan itself or marked by letters, identified on the legend on the left, e.g., the chapel, storehouse, kitchen, hospital, sugar mill. The rather sizeable slave village ("cazes des negres") with its rectangular houses, is in the upper right hand corner; at the extreme right of the village is a small building, the "Economat."