Tobacco Production, French West Indies, early 18th cent.

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Image Reference

Jean Baptiste Labat, Nouveau voyage aux isles de l'Amerique (Paris, 1722), vol. 4, following p. 496.(Copy in the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University)

Shows the drying and rolling of tobacco leaves. Identified by number are 1) the stripping of the tobacco leaf, 2) twisting it, 3) rolling it, and 4) hanging it to dry. Twisting the tobacco into long rolls was a common way it was prepared for export to Europe. This image in Labat is a reversal of the right hand part of an image that appeared in Jean Baptiste DuTertre, Histoire Générale des Antilles (Paris, 1667); see image NW0011 on this website. Other versions of this illustration appear in Pierre Pomet, A complete history of drugs (London, 1748, 4th ed.), facing p. 97;and Il Gazzettiere Americano (Loverno, 1763).