View of a Sugar Plantation, French West Indies, 1762

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Image Reference

Il Gazzettiere Americano contenente un distinto ragguaglio di tutte parti del Nuovo mondo . . . (Livorno, 1763), vol. 2, p. 111 (first Italian edition of the American Gazetteer [London, 1762]). (Special Collections Department, University of Virginia Library)

Illustration shows the layout of a sugar plantation. Slave houses are on the left, above them the mansion/great house; water mill in lower right; cane field in the center. This image does not appear in the London edition of the American Gazetteer and seems to have been included especially for the Italian publication. This is a reverse image from the original source for this illustration: Denis Diderot, Encyclopedie . . . (Paris, 1762), vol. 1, plate 1 (see image reference # sucrerie_plate1 on this website; thanks to Phil Lapsansky, Library Company of Philadelphia, for help in identifying Diderot as the original source.)