Working in Sugar Cane Fields, 19th cent.

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Image Reference

Edmund Ollier, Cassell's History of the United States (London, 1874-77), Vol. 2, p. 493

Caption, "Slaves Working on a Plantation." This appears to be an illustration taken from another, unidentified, source, and is an artistic rendition. In the foreground, one man is cutting cane, another is weeding the fields with a hoe (the two activities do not occur concurrently in reality); a woman is kneeling tying the cane stalks into a bundle. A white overseer with a whip in hand is looking on while in the background another white is whipping an enslaved person. The location is not identified, but it is a tropical or semi-tropical scene, perhaps in the British or French West Indies. The illustration accompanies a discussion of slavery in the colonies in the 1780s, but does not seem to be directly related to what is discussed in the text.