Slave Auction, Charleston, South Carolina, 1853

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Image Reference

The Illustrated London News (Nov. 29, 1856), vol. 29, p. 555.

Men, women, and children being sold are displayed on a raised platform. Illustration accompanies an article ("Sale of Slaves at Charleston, South Carolina") by an unidentified English traveler who observed the scene that is shown. The traveler was, in fact, the English artist Eyre Crowe who visited Charleston in March 1853. He compares slave auctions in South Carolina and Virginia. In the latter (see image NW0278), the auction is "hidden as much as possible in out-of-the-way places" while in Charleston, it takes place in a central part of the city; a detailed description of the Charleston auction is given (p. 556). A similar description is given in Eyre's account of his visit to the United States in 1852-53, With Thackeray in America? (New York, 1893), pp. 150-152.