Europeans Purchasing a Slave Woman, late 18th cent.

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Image Reference

Guillaume Raynal, Histoire Philosophique et Politique . . . des Europeens dans les Deux Indes (Geneva, 1780), vol. 7, p. 377. (Copy at the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University)

Caption, "un Anglais de la Barbade vend sa maitresse" (an Englishman from Barbados sells his mistress/lover). Image is probably based on one version or another of the story of Yarico, an Amerindian woman, and her lover, Inkle, an English sailor who allegedly duped her and sold her into slavery in Barbados. For details, see Jerome S.` Handler, A Guide to Source Materials for the Study of Barbados History, 1627-1834 (Southern Illinois Univ. Press, 1971), passim.