Plan of the British Slave Ship "Brookes," 1789

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Image Reference

Carl B. Wadstrom, An Essay on Colonization, particularly applied to the Western coast of Africa... in Two Parts (London, 1794, 1795); fold-out included in pocket attached to cover.

Titled "Plan and Sections of a Slave Ship," this detailed and famous drawing shows cross-sections of the ship," and how Africans were stowed in the holds. The inset drawing depicts a revolt aboard a slave ship, showing the crew shooting insurrectionists. Wadstrom includes a very lengthy and detailed description of the Brookes. This was first published in 1789, the "proprieters [of the engraving] favoured him with the original plate." The Brookes carried 609 slaves (351 men, 127, women, 90 boys, and 41 girls) crammed into its decks. See also image E014 for more details.