Africans Rescued from a Slave Ship, East Africa, 1869

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Image Reference

George L. Sulivan, Dhow chasing in Zanzibar waters and on the eastern coast of Africa (London, 1873), facing p. 168; also, published in The Graphic: An Illustrated Weekly Newspaper (London), vol. 7 (1873), p. 233.

Caption, "Group of Negro men and boys taken out of captured Dhow in state of starvation." About 156 men and boys were rescued from this dhow by the Daphne, a British naval vessel cruising the East African coast. The original of this photo was taken in 1869 and is located in the The National Archives, London ( Public Record Office), FO 84/1310. The brief Graphic article accompanying this image, taken from Sulivan's book, describes how "on the bottom of the dhow was a pile of stones as ballast, and on these stones, without even a mat, were twenty-three women huddled together, one or two with infants in their arms; these women were literally doubled up, there being no room to sit erect; and on a bamboo deck, about three feet above the keel, were forty-eight men, crowded together in the same way, and on another deck above, there were fifty-three children. Some of the slaves were in the last stages of starvation and dysentery" (p. 218). Although dealing with the East African slave trade, this illustration is evocative of scenes that occurred on Atlantic slaving ships.