Decks of a Slaving Vessel, 1823-24

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Image Reference

The Illustrated London News (April 26, 1848), vol. 13, p. 123.

These illustrations (the top one giving a scale in feet; the bottom showing a cross section of the hold and placement of enslaved Africans) accompany an article on the slave trade reporting on a recent discussion in the British parliament dealing with the "extinction of this vile traffic." In a House of Commons speech, a member read from a letter which had been sent him by a British naval officer; the drawings of a slave vessel accompanied this letter. The drawings had come into the officer's hands in 1823 and 1824 from a fellow officer who, on board HMS Slaney, had captured a slaver in Cuban waters. "When captured, several of the slaves were dead, others dying; and when the remnant was removed into the Slaney, their flesh was found to be mortified, and crawling with maggots, owing to their long confinement and sitting posture" (p. 123).