Slave Ship Taking on Enslaved Africans, West Africa, Early Nineteenth Century

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Image Reference

Original source unknown (see Comments).

Caption, "The Celebrated Piratical Slavery, L'Antonio with others of the black craft lying in the Bonny River"; shows slave ships with canoe in foreground laden with slaves destined for the "L'Antonio" or "L'Antonia". The Peabody Essex Museum (Salem, MA) purchased a photo of this illustration in 1941, but has no record of where the original illustration is located; however, it may be located in the National Maritime Museum, London. The PEM photo of this illustration gives no date and the bottom of the caption has been cut off. The Bridgeman Art Library website shows this illustration with its caption, indicating that it was a separately published lithograph published by Edward Ranesden (London), ca. 1830.