Captured Africans Liberated from a Slaving Vessel, East Africa, 1884

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Image Reference

The Graphic: An Illustrated Weekly Newspaper (London), vol. 29 (1884), p. 548

Caption: "The African Slave-Trade - Slaves Taken from a Dhow Captured by H.M.S. 'Undine' ." The brief article accompanying this illustration of Africans rescued by the British navy notes that the engraving "is from a photograph of some slaves captured by H.M.S. Undine in July last. They had been kidnapped 200 miles south of Madagascar, brought down to the coast . . . In all there were 120 of them; and, as the slave dhow was only 63 tons, they had to be packed like sardines…." (p. 546). Although from East Africa, this scene is evocative of the Atlantic slave trade.