Diagram of the Decks of a Slave Ship, 1814

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Image Reference

Résumé du témoignage donné devant un comité de la chambre des communes de la Grande Bretagne et de l'Irelande, touchant la traite des negres (Geneva,1814), fold-out plate, following title page in 4th pamphlet of vol. 15 of a collection with binder title "Melanges sur l'Amerique" (Copy in the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University)

Shows the two major slave decks and how enslaved Africans were crammed into them. Top, Plan of the Platform, shows the deck which held females, ranged around its outer circumference; in the center, the label "Cargaison Anglaises de Negres" (English Cargo of Negroes). The bottom shows the plan of the main deck ("Plan du Grand Pont"), where males were kept. This image seems to be derived from the well-known illustration of the slave ship "Brookes" (see images E014, Wad-1, on this website), but with its own embellishments. For example, what appears to be a woman giving birth is shown on the top deck, just below the word "Cargaison." (This feature was noticed by Sylvia Frey, and brought to our attention by Leslie Tobias Olson). This pamphlet appears to be the French translation of some abstract or abridgment of evidence given before a British House of Commons committee investigating the Atlantic slave trade in the early 1790s.