Captive Africans Taken to Slave Ship, Nigeria, 1850s

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Image Reference

The Church Missionary Intelligencer. A Monthly Journal of Missionary Information (vol. 7 [1856], frontspiece, facing p. 241.

Caption, "Shipping slaves through the surf, West-African coast. A cruiser signalled in sight. (From a sketch by a merchant on the coast)." The Church Missionary Intelligencer was published by the Church of England's Church Missionary Society. This illustration accompanies a long article on the continuing slave trade in Africa, particularly West Africa's role in providing slaves to Cuba. The illustration shows slaving operations in the Bight of Benin, with its treacherous surf (see p. 252), and was later also published in The Quiver: An Illustrated Magazine of Social, Intellectual, and Religious Progress (London, 1865), vol. 2, p. 44, with the caption "Shipping Slaves on the Coast of Africa." (See also Robert Smith, The Lagos Consulate, 1857-1861 [London, 1978], between pp. 36-37.)