American Naval Ship Encountering American Slave Ship, June 6, 1850

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Image Reference

Andrew H. Foote, Africa and the American Flag (New York, 1854), p. 286.

Left, U.S. Naval Brig "Perry" ; right, American slave ship "Martha," off Ambriz. Foote, a commander in the U.S. Navy, commanded the "Perry" while on duty on the West African coast, 1850-51. The "Martha," with a New York registration, was "seized as a prize" off Ambriz, south of the Congo river in present-day Angola. No slaves were on board at the time, but the vessel was equipped with 176 casks of water (each holding 150 gallons), 150 barrels of farine ("for slave food"), several sacks of beans, 4 "iron boilers for cooking slave provisions," iron bars "with the necessary woodwork, for securing slaves to the deck," and 400 spoons "for feeding them." The capture is described by Foote (p. 285 ff.).