Enslaved Africans being Carried to a Slave Ship, Gold Coast, late 17th cent.

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Image Reference

Based on accounts of Jean Barbot, A Description of the Coasts of North and South Guinea and William Smith, A New Voyage to Guinea (1744), In Thomas Astley (ed.), A New General Collection of Voyages and Travels (London, 1745-47), vol. 2, plate 61, facing p. 589.

Places identified, from left to right: El Mina, Jago, Cape Corse, Fort Royal at Manfrow, Mowri. In foreground, European slave ships and several canoes, identified by letter A, with caption reading "Negro canoas carrying slaves aboard at Manfro." See Astley, p. 588 ff. for description based on various contemporary accounts; deals with kingdom of Fetu, a coastal Fante-speaking kingdom. See also P.E.H. Hair, Adam Jones, and Robin Law, Barbot on Guinea [1678-1712] (London, 1992), vol. 2, p. 518 and fig. 45. With respect to this illustration, Barbot reports: "These Moorish merchants do not trade only in gold but also in slaves, whom they bring to the ships in fairly large numbers when there are wars . . . . You can see in this drawing a canoe containing slaves who are to board a vessel, and other canoes arriving to trade in gold" (ibid., p. 518). See also image reference LCP-54 on this website.