James Island and Fort Gambia, 1755

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Image Reference

The National Archives, London (formerly, Public Record Office), MPG 1/224; see Comments.

Surveyed in October 1755 by Justly Watson, Director of Engineers, this colored manuscript plan shows the fort, its storehouses, gun battery, quarters for European personnel, and, in the upper right, the quarters and yards where slaves were kept. Surrounding the central part of the fort on three sides, indicated by faint round circles, are the "hutts for the castle slaves" (left side) or "Negros Hutts" (right side and top). Another very clear architectural drawing of James Island and its fort was done in 1727 by William Smith, surveyor of the Royal African Company (see image "mariners16" on this website ). Watson's drawing shows many more details and structures, indicating how the fort expanded between 1727 and 1755.