Williams Fort, Whydah (Ouidah), Dahomey, 1727

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Image Reference

William Smith, Thirty Different Drafts of Guinea (London, 1727), plate 28.

Title, "The South West Prospect of Williams Fort at Whydah 1727." Called Fida by the Dutch, Juda by the French, and Whidah by the English. The caption praises the climate and location, notes the population density, and how the "natives . . . are accounted the best husband men [farmers] and worst warriors in Guinea . . . . Here they worship a large beautiful kind of snake . . .kept in a little house built for that use in some grove, where they nightly go to worship with drums, and trumpets of elephants teeth . . . . Their chief trade is in slaves." Smith was hired by the Royal African Company in 1726. See also images "mariners" on this website.