Cape Corso [Cape Coast] Castle, Gold Coast, 1704

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Image Reference

William Bosman, A New and Accurate Description of the Coast of Guinea (London, 1705), facing p. 46, figures 4 and 5 ( English translation of Bosman's Nauwkeurige Beschryving van de Guinese Goud-, Tand- en Slave-Kust . . . .[Utrecht, 1704]). (Copy in the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University)

Top, "Cape Corso Castle, the prospect of it on one side"; bottom, "A prospect of Cape Corso Castle on the opposite side." Both views show African houses/village in the center. Bosman writes: This "is the English chief fort, which next to that of St. George d'Elmina is the largest and most beautiful on the whole coast; within it is well furnished with fine and well-built dwelling-places; before it they have also built a high turret to secure the lives of the people of the town, in case of an invasion of hostile Negroes" ( pp. 48-49). Bosman was an official of the Dutch West India Company and chief factor at Elmina.