Arab Slavers Attacking Village, East Africa, 1871

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Image Reference

David Livingstone, The Last Journals of David Livingstone, in Central Africa, from 1865 to his death . . . by Horace Waller (London, 1874, vol. 1, facing p. 133; New York, 1875, facing p. 383).

Caption: "The massacre of the Manyuema women at Nyangwe," a scene described by Livingstone in July 1871, in which he reports that "the Arabs themselves estimated the loss of life at between 330 and 400 souls" (pp. 382-384). This engraving, as others in the book, was made from one of Livingstone's sketches (see also, images C014 and knox02). This image is reproduced in Thomas W. Knox, The Boy Travellers on the Congo (New York, 1888), p. 219, where it is captioned "Muini Dujambi's Followers Attacking Nyangwé. " Knox's book, in turn, is a condensation of Henry Stanley's famous "Through the Dark Continent" (New York, 1878), but the Knox publishers took their images "from several volumes of African travel exploration" (p.2), without citing their sources. (Thanks to Eugene Rae for assistance)