Slave Coffle, Central Africa, 1875

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Image Reference

Verney Lovett Cameron, Across Africa (New York, 1877), p. 357.

Captioned, "slave-gang," shows a line of men, women, and children, the adults linked by ropes or chains and carrying loads on their heads. Based on observations made in July 1875. The author had camped in a village when a slave caravan approached; the village inhabitants "immediately bolted into the village and closed the entrances. The place I had chosen from my camp was near the path, and the whole of the caravan passed on in front, the mournful procession lasting for more than two hours. Women and children, foot-sore and overburdened, were urged on unremittingly by their barbarous masters; and even when they reached their camp, it was no haven of rest for the poor creatures. They were compelled to fetch water, cook, build huts, and collect firewood for those who owned them..." (p. 357).