Clothing Style, Sarakole Man, Senegal, 1850s

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Image Reference

P. David Boilat, Esquisses S

Full-robed and wearing sandals, the author claims this man represents a typical Sarakole (Soninke) man. The man's robe is dyed blue with indigo and is embroidered on the front and the back with designs in colored silk; he is also wearing a very handsome woven belt. Two gris-gris to protect him in war are worn over his chest. And in his hand he carries his "chapelet", which, according to Boilat (a Catholic priest), is "the muslim rosary composed of 100 beads, representing the 100 perfections of God." These people, he writes, "pay great attention to their hair, and their hair styles are quite artistically accomplished" (Boilat, pp. 28-29). For biographical details on Boilat, see image reference Boilat01.