Nobles and Their Settlement, Kingdom of Kongo, 17th cent.

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Male ("cavaliere") and female ("dama") figures in full regalia, smoking pipes; background shows houses and compound ("casa de nobili"). Published in Madeleine Burnside (ed.), Spirits of the Passage (New York, 1997), citing as the primary source Paolo Collo and Silvia Benso, eds., Sogno: Bamba, Pemba, Ovando e altre contrade dei Regni de Congo, Angola, e adjacenti (Milan, 1986). However, this is an erroneous citation for the volume does not contain this image. The image is actually taken from Girolamo Merolla, Breve e succinta relatione del viaggio nel regno di Congo nell' Africa Meridionale (Napoli, 1692; 2nd ed. 1726, 1727). Merolla lived in Kongo during the 1680s (John Thornton provided the correct identification of this image).