Village and King's House, Bight of Biafra, Cameroons, 1841

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Image Reference

William Allen, A Narrative of the Expedition sent by Her Majesty's Government to the River Niger, in 1841 (London, 1848), vol. 2, p. 240.

Caption, "King Bell's house, Cameroons"; king sitting in front of his house being entertained by dancers. "King Bell's house is very well built, with a raised story, surrounded by a verandah . . . .We . . . found [him] in front of his house, seated in a large arm-chair, with no other dress than an ample cotton cloth folded round the loins, and an English black beaver hat on. He was surrounded by a number of his people, who had devoted this cooler portion of the day to recreation. The principal performers were the Egbo men . . . " (Allen, pp. 240-41).