Cape Mount and Cape Mesurado (Monrovia), Liberia, 1840s-1850s

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Image Reference

Drawings of Western Africa (University of Virginia Library, Special Collections, MSS 14357, no. 28).

Ink, watercolor, pencil. In 1822, the American Colonization Society established the settlement at Cape Mesurado, later named Monrovia. Among other features, this drawing shows the rectangular houses of the settlers and the circular houses of the indigenous population (Bassa?); churches are also shown. The promontory on the right has a flagpole (another is on the left) and lighthouse. The latter is probably the first lighthouse at Cape Mesurado, erected in 1836. The drawing of Cape Mount does not display man-made features. Sources: Harry Johnston, Liberia (Dodd, Mead, 1906); Richard Hall, On Afric’s Shore (Baltimore, 2003). See other image references “UVA” on this site. For background to this and other UVA images, see image reference UVA01.