Human Sacrificial Ceremony, Dahomey, 1849-50

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Image Reference

Frederick E. Forbes, Dahomey and the Dahomans: being the journals of two missions to the king of Dahomey, and residence in his capital, in . . . 1849 and 1850 (London, 1851), vol. 2, facing p. 52; color image also in Andrew H. Foote, Africa and the American Flag (New York, 1854), facing title page. (Copy in Special Collections Department, University of Virginia Library)

Caption: "The Human Sacrifices of the Ek-Gnee-Noo-Ah-Toh"; shows crowds and onlookers, including royal court. Compare this illustration with image 088 on this website which can be seen in background. Forbes writes: "The victims were held high above the heads of their bearers . . . and the king made a speech, stating that of his prisoners he gave a portion to his soldiers, as his father and grandfather had done before . . ."; the description continues in detail in vol. 2 (pp. 52 ff).