Male and Female Clothing Styles, Gold Coast, late 17th cent.

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Image Reference

John Barbot, A Description of the coasts of North and South-Guinea . . . Now first printed from his original manuscript, In Awnsham and John Churchill (compilers), Collection of Voyages (London, 1732), vol. 5, plate 21, p. 237. (Copy in Library Company of Philadelphia; also Special Collections Department, University of Virginia Library)

These illustrations "having drawn them myself for the satisfaction of the curious," accompany Barbot 's detailed description of the dress, jewelry, and hair styles of peoples on the southern Gold Coast (pp. 236-237). Barbot was "Agent-General of the Royal Company of Africa." See also P.E.H. Hair, Adam Jones, and Robin Law, eds., Barbot on Guinea: The Writings of Jean Barbot on West Africa 1678-1712 (London: The Hakluyt Society, 1992).