Houses and Musical Instruments, Senegal, early 18th cent.

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Image Reference

M. De La Harpe, Abrége de l'histoire générale des voyages (Paris, 1780), vol. 2, facing p. 223. (Copy in Library Company of Philadelphia)

Based on Barbot, "Guiriot ou Negre Jouant du Balafo" (Griot or Negro playing the balafon); on top, inset of balafon: 1. "instrument musical des negres nommé Balafo"; 2. "Huttes, ou Maisons des Negres du Sénégal." "Barbot says . . . . that the Griots are the only ones who have the glorious privilege of carrying the 'olamba," the royal drum, which is of an extraordinary size in all of its dimensions, and they march to war in front of the king with this instrument . . ." (pp. 222-23; our translation).