Scenes of West African Life and Slave Trading with Europeans, late 17th cent.

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Image Reference

Francois Froger, Relation d'un Voyage fait en 1695, 1696, & 1697 aux Cotes d'Afrique . . . Bresil, Cayenne & Isles Antilles (Paris, 1698), facing p.16. (Copy in Special Collections Department, University of Virginia Library; also The John Carter Brown Library)

Lower left, woman pounding corn with mortar and pestle in front of a thatched house ( "coscou"); on right, a European buying two African men ( "commerce des esclaves"; note, leg irons on both); background, European ships and a canoe with paddlers ("comme les Negres rament de bout"). The 1699 Amsterdam edition contains a similar, albeit derivative copy, of this image (facing p. 16).