Gezo, King of Dahomey, 1849

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Image Reference

Frederick E. Forbes, Dahomey and the Dahomans: being the journals of two missions to the king of Dahomey, and residence in his capital, in . . . 1849 and 1850 (London, 1851), vol. 1, facing title page

King in regalia with one of his retainers holding umbrella. Forbes describes his audience with the king: "His Dahoman Majesty, King Gezo, is about 48 years of age, good looking . . . . his appearance commanding, and his countenance intellectual, though stern in the extreme. That he is proud there can be no doubt. . . . the king was plainly dressed, in a loose robe of yellow silk slashed with satin stars and half-moons, Mandingo sandals, and a Spanish hat trimmed with gold lace; the only ornament being a small gold chain of European manufacture" (vol. 1, pp. 76-77).