Kingdom of Quoja, Sierra Leone, late 17th cent.

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Image Reference

Based on Jean Barbot, A Description of the Coasts of North and South Guinea, in Thomas Astley (ed.), A New General Collection of Voyages and Travels (London, 1745-47), vol. 2, plate 57, facing p. 537.

Shows two men carrying a third in a litter over a bridge; also various animals, people working in fields, tiger trap, coconut and palm trees (Quoja or Kquoja, Kquoia and variant spellings). See Astley, p. 535 ff. for description of region and peoples. A similar, but more detailed, version of this illustration appears in Awnsham and John Churchill, A Collection of Voyages...(London, 1732; vol. 5, plate 17, p. 202) in the translation of Barbot's late 17th century account.