John Gordon, Antigua (British West indies), 1820s

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Image Reference

Trelawney Wentworth, The West India Sketch Book (London, 1834), Vol. 2, facing p. 163.

Based on a real life sketch, this portrait of John Gordon, a "free person of colour" who claimed to be "the only barber in town for gentlemen." The author identifies himself in Vol. 2 (p. 385). He lived in the West Indies during the 1820s. Gordon is described at length in vol. 2, pp. 161-168, the author commenting that Gordon had a knack for determining international news based on the movements of ships and officials. His knowledge and cleverness made him a valuable resource to all the residents of the island, from the poorest laborers and slaves to top government officials. Gordon had died by time Wentworth's book was published.